10 Reasons the RGV Reef is Important

The RGV Reef is a man-made reef located about 13 miles northeast of the South Padre Island jetties in the Gulf of Mexico. Friends of RGV Reef is a non-profit organization dedicated creating and maintaining a fish habitat. For more information visit rgvreef.org.

  1. RGV Reef was created to support the life stages of the Red Snapper.
  2. Once that is established, the reef becomes a destination for a wide variety of marine life including sea turtles, dolphins, and a multitude of fish – large and small.
  3. The reef is 1,650 acres, accommodating the first industrial-scale reef fishery in the Gulf.
  4. It restores lost nursery reef, therefore it contributes to boosting the number of fish in the Gulf.
  5. The reef enhances tourism by supporting fishing and fishing tournaments which boosts the local economy.
  6. It supports local restaurants by allowing promotion of ‘locally sourced’ catch, which appeals to customers.
  7. The RGV Reef further supports restaurants as more fishermen take part in the ‘We cook your catch’ option.
  8. Better fishing means more hotel/motel occupancy.
  9. Reef publicity promotes an overall better sense of awareness in protecting the environment.
  10. The RGV Reef is a shining example of what happens when a group of people from large and small industries; trades people; scientists; game and fish experts; law enforcement, among others work together on a widely beneficial project.