Breakaway Cruises FAQ

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Yes! The main difference is you get to explore the body of water from the surface when you go snorkeling, as opposed to diving deeper into the water when scuba diving.

During your snorkeling adventure, you will be wearing a snorkeling mask. These masks are equipped with a breathing tube where you breathe through your mouth on one end and the other end stays above the surface, allowing you to breathe.

Snorkeling allows you to explore life underwater. It is a breathtaking experience to witness the many lavish colors of the world underwater and to catch a glimpse of water creatures in their remarkable habitats.

Knowing how to swim isn’t mandatory to go snorkeling. Those who don’t know how to swim may use floating devices to help them feel comfortable in open water.

Jet skis are capable of hitting 70 MPH, making it risky if you are reckless or don’t have the proper training. Once you learn the ropes, jet skiing can be fairly simple and super fun!

Jet skis are similar to motorcycles since they both use throttles to accelerate. Although jet skis don’t have breaks, they have a function that will reverse the direction.

Although we can’t be certain of a shark’s feelings, we are certain that they aren’t after you or your jet ski — they’re after their prey. There’s also no need to worry as Laguna Madre is not a home for sharks.

A jet ski can sink, but also not completely either. Jet skis are made with a floatation foam surrounding them, so if the jet ski somehow becomes full of water, part of the jet ski would still stay above water.

Sunblock! Protecting your skin while out on the water is very important. As far as apparel, dress according to the weather! If you are planning on wearing a hat, make sure it is secure enough to not get blown away by the wind!

During our exciting dolphin watching tours, there is no interaction between dolphins and our passengers. These tours permit us to observe dolphins leap and dive in their natural state.

Deep-sea fishing is usually 30 or more meters deep. Bay fishing is fishing in more shallow waters by the coast.

Deep-sea fishing is also known as offshore fishing. Going offshore can be anywhere between 30 to 130 miles out.

Bay fishing takes place in the calmer and still waters of bays or bayous, instead of the Gulf of Mexico or an ocean.

Fish prefer the early morning sun and the sunsets, so it’s best to go at sunrise or sunset.