dolphin watch south padre island

Top Dolphin Watch

The Top Dolphin Watch Takes You Across the Laguna Madre Bay

If you’re looking for the most fun tour, then check out Breakaway Cruises South Padre Island Dolphin Watch! The Breakaway Cruises South Padre Island Dolphin Watch is the most fun you, your family and kids can have. We take you on a tour throughout the SPI Bay where we will show you some awesome Dolphins swimming around, up close!

Also, the Eco-Tour part! We’ll drop a net into the bay, and pull out some of the coolest sea life from the ocean. You’ll be able to see it up close and learn about it, then we’ll release it all back into the ocean. Just a cool way to see stuff right in front of you!

Our Dolphin Watch tours are one of the most fun things you could do on SPI.


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