The Leading Dolphin Watching Experience in South Padre Island!

Breakaway Cruises offers you and your family a dream dolphin encounter.

For people of all ages, dolphin encounters make for some of the fondest memories and best vacations. If you’re looking for things to do in South Padre Island, check out dolphin watching at Breakaway Cruises! Get a close look at some of nature’s coolest critters with our dolphin watching experience!

If you want to learn more about our dolphin watching, keep reading! If you know you’re ready for the best dolphin watching in South Padre Island, save a spot now!

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What To Know About Our Dolphin Watching Trips

Like the many other thrilling activities we offer, there are some things you should know before beginning your dolphin adventure!

1. Our dolphin watch lasts one and a half hours as we sail across Laguna Madre.

2. With real-time availability and instant booking, you can sign up for our multiple trips that take place each day, every day of the week.

3. Bring your own snacks. Beer/wine, water and soft-drinks are sold on-board. No coolers allowed.

When dolphin watching in South Padre Island with Breakaway Cruises, your voyage will take place on either the Xcape or the Getaway – both United States Coast Guard-certified. 

In addition to dolphins, our knowledgeable and experienced crew will drag a net behind the boat to catch a variety of other sea life. Not only will you be able to see some of Laguna Madre’s most incredible creatures, the crew will identify and describe everything caught on your adventure!

What To Bring On Your Dolphin Watch

There are a few important items you will want to bring with you on your dolphin watching trip in South Padre Island including:

  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra water
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Besides those few items, all you will need to worry about bringing is your sense of excitement as these beautiful mammals blow you away with their majesty. Breakaway Cruises truly offers some of the best things to do in South Padre Island.

The Unique Dolphin Tribes of Laguna Madre

What makes Breakaway Cruises dolphin watching trips the best in South Padre Island? The dolphins themselves, of course! Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, the Laguna Madre has become a fascinating and diverse ecosystem, home to a number of different species of flora and fauna – dolphins being one of the stars. Additionally, the particular tribe of dolphins that live in the South Padre Island area has grown smaller in size compared to their more deepwater brethren. 

Many of the fish available to catch in our fantastic bay fishing trips also find themselves meals of our local dolphins. It is very common to see a pod of dolphins, old and young, catch and share Sheepshead fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Listen to them communicate in their unique dolphin language as they dash across the waves. 

There’s not really another experience quite like getting up close and personal with these incredible animals.

Don’t wait another second! Book your next exciting adventure and come dolphin watching in South Padre Island!