Experience the South Padre Island Snorkeling Trip of a Lifetime!

Breakaway Cruises Offers Families a Snorkeling Excursion Like No Other

If you and your family need an exciting activity you can all do together, look no further than snorkeling at South Padre Island with Breakaway Cruises. While some enjoy the rush of a good catch or the high speed of a jet ski, there’s no denying the unbelievable feeling you get from exploring the vast waters of the Laguna Madre on a snorkeling adventure.

Read below about all the remarkable elements of snorkeling in South Padre Island and how Breakaway Cruises offers one of the country’s best snorkeling excursions.

All About Breakaway Cruises Incredible Snorkeling Adventure

Because of our unique location on South Padre Island, Breakaway Cruises gives you and your family the opportunity to snorkel in one of the world’s most extraordinary regions. With saline levels higher than ocean water, the Laguna Madre is a hypersaline lagoon and one of the few on the planet. 

The uncommon nature of this body of water means snorkelers can count on seeing some interesting and amazing spectacles, such as:

  • Stunning Ecosystem – Because of the rare quality of the Laguna Madre, swimmers will witness different types of flora, reef formations, and more.


  • Exclusive Marine Life – Be prepared to see some exceptional creatures when you snorkel with Breakaway. The unique environment is home to a variety of animals such as yellow goats, balloonfish, garden eels, moon jellyfish, spadefish, minnows, hermit crabs, butterfly rays, and much more!


  • Award-Winning Sights – Due to the fascinating features that the Laguna Madre boasts, top snorkelers and scuba divers have taken note! South Padre Island has made the Top 100 snorkeling spots list in Scuba Diving magazine many times over the years.
About Breakaway Cruises Incredible Snorkeling Adventure via BreakawayCruises.com

Snorkeling Excursions With Breakaway Cruises: What To Know and Bring

While there’s no doubt that the beautiful marine life and biodiverse ecosystems are the stars of the show, being prepared for a snorkeling excursion will optimize your experience. That’s why Breakaway Cruises provides you all the necessary information beforehand. 

Our snorkeling excursions last three hours and occur twice a day: once at 9 AM and again at 2 PM. We offer real-time availability and instant confirmation when you book with us, and guarantee that all of our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard certified. 

Additionally, here are a few reminders of what we include in the ticket price and what we recommend you bring along:

Included With Snorkeling Trip

  • Snorkeling equipment, including mask and fins
  • Snack consisting of fresh fruit and lemonade or water
  • A highly knowledgeable and well-trained crew

What To Bring With You

  • Bathing Suit
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat
  • A sense of adventure
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Is Snorkeling Safe? Breakaway Cruise’s Safety Reminders and Tips

While you may be eager to pack your bags and plan a South Padre Island snorkeling trip, you may have a few safety concerns, especially if you or a child can’t swim.

No need to stress! Breakaway Cruises has a guide for snorkelers to make sure they feel safe and have fun.

  1. Understand and Trust Your Snorkel Gear – If you’re new to snorkeling, it’s important to become acquainted with the mask, mouthpiece, and fins. Breakaway Cruises offers only top-quality equipment, so don’t panic if you feel nervous. Remember, our highly-skilled crew is here to answer any questions you may have!
  2. Stay With Your Snorkel Buddies – One of the most critical things to remember when going into any body of water is to stay close to a buddy or group. Snorkeling is a great activity but losing your way can be frightening. Be sure to keep track of your friends and family!
  3. What if I Can’t Swim? – Maybe you have a child who can’t swim or you can’t yourself — don’t let this discourage you! In addition to staying with a buddy, bring some form-fitting personal floatation devices. That way, you can still have a great time without the worry of going underwater.

Keep these tips in mind and your snorkeling journey will be nothing but laughs, gasps of astonishment, and making memories.

Ready to go snorkeling in South Padre Island? Visit Breakaway Cruises website and plan your excursion today!