Dolphin Tours on South Padre Island with Break Away Cruises

SPI Dolphin Watch Tours

SPI Dolphin Watch Tours

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the call of nature as you cruise through the South Padre Island. Yes, the water bodies on the island offer stunning sights and their strategic locations make the water-bound sights even more appealing. Interestingly, the SPI dolphin watch tours are one of the most unique activities on South Padre Island with Breakaway Cruises. As a year-round place of abode to large dolphins, South Padre Island in South Texas stands out in all of its majesties.

More so, you can be a part of the SPI dolphin watch tours and view these amazing wilds in all their natural splendor. Rated the Best Dolphin Watch Cruises for South Padre Island, Breakaway Cruises is your ideal Dolphin Watch cruise partner. Our famous eco-tour and dolphin watch cruise takes you through the amazing watersports to view the dolphins up close. Cruise aboard either the Xcape or the Getaway for two hours and enjoy watching some of nature’s most fascinating animals.

How would you like the experience and thrill associated with meeting spinner and bottle-nose dolphins in the wild? Of course, you’d like to experience the unique and inspiring bond and kinship these amazing creatures share. At Breakaway Cruises, we’ve got you covered. We will drag a net, bringing the sea-life aboard for you to see up close. Our experienced crew will identify and explain the catches before they are all returned safely to the bay.

Still wondering? Book your next vacation South Padre Island activities at Breakaway Cruises and enjoy the firework and dinner cruises on offer during celebrations. Get on board and enjoy the real South Texas experience! You can also enjoy this cruise – yes, you can savor the memorable experience… bring your camera and binoculars along, and bring some bucks for snacks and drinks too. All tours with Breakaway Cruises are informative, fully narrative, and promises lots of fun. The boats are well covered with comfortable seating spaces and easy ramp access from the open decks.