Couple parasailing on South Padre Island with Break Away Cruises

SPI Parasailing

Tips For First Time SPI Parasailing

Getting ready to to visit South Padre Island! Breakaway Cruises is your place for parasailing and so many more activities! SPI Parasailing is a one-of-a-kind experience that you need to do first hand to understand. Some things to consider before your experience?

  1. SUNSCREEN! Yep. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. You will be closer to the sun with more exposure. Please wear plenty of sunscreen!
  2. SAFETY! Our expert guides will make sure everything is safe and ready for you. Please follow their instructions and don’t do anything they ask you not to do. This is for your safety.
  3. CAMERAS! Don’t forget the cameras! Your friends/family on the boat should get plenty of video & photos of you while you’re up in the sky. This will be perfect for Facebook or Instagram.
  4. TIME! Remember to show up on time. We do book a few South Padre Island Parasailing tours daily, so to make sure you get your full allotment of time, please show up to our dock early.
  5. BOOK ONLINE! Like we said, somedays get booked out… your best option is to book in advance here on our website. Check out our SPI Parasailing page here: South Padre Island Parasailing!
  6. HAVE FUN! Let’s be honest. This is a cool experience you don’t get to do everyday, so have fun. Enjoy the view & the rush of seeing the Earth from such a high view.