Photo of a young man snorkeling in the Laguna Madre Bay with Break Away Cruises in South Padre Island

SPI Snorkeling

SPI Snorkeling with Breakaway Cruises

Take a drive across the Laguna Madre and only one thing comes to mind —  it’s mesmerizing beauty. Granted, the beaches of South Padre Island are your getaway destinations (and only minutes away) but have you ever wondered about what lies beneath the surface of the lagoon? Come see for yourself with a Breakaway Cruises SPI Snorkeling Experience!

One of the most noteworthy aspects of South Padre Island is the Laguna Madre. It is a unique hypersaline body of water and rarest that exists around the globe. We have an opportunity to discover unique marine life located in the friendly waters of the bay. The only question is, are you ready to immerse yourself in the majesty of the underwater world?

Delve within and book a snorkel trip with Breakaway Cruises. Our comfortable Coast Guard approved vessel will glide you through the waters and take you to locations with the perfect snorkeling conditions. You will be able to uncover all the wonders you wouldn’t have known otherwise on land. Allow the calm and cool waters to sway you along on a relaxing journey. It is absolute heaven!

You might be asking yourself, what about SPI snorkeling equipment? Well, we have all that taken care of. Breakaway Cruises provides you with a snorkel, mask, and fins. The best part?  No previous snorkeling knowledge is required. Our well-informed crew will greet you and graciously answer any questions you may have. Bring along family and friends, we guarantee it is a memorable experience you all will never forget.

Are you willing to embark on this unique snorkeling adventure? If so then what are you waiting for? Accompany Breakaway Cruises on this sublime snorkeling tour. We promise that it will captivate your imagination and broaden your horizons. This venture will give you a close up of the bay and help enhance your appreciation for the natural beauty located in Deep South Texas.