Breathtaking visuals and stunning underwater sights await in Breakaway Cruises’ incredible snorkeling tour! One of the few hypersaline lagoons in the world, the Laguna Madre’s saline contents are higher than ocean water. That means you and your family will see an ecosystem unlike many others.

Rated as one of the Top 100 Snorkeling Spots in Scuba Diving Magazine, South Padre Island’s diverse and beautiful environments will blow you away. Get ready to view unique reef formations and fish such as moon jellyfish, garden eels, and many more on our one-of-a-kind snorkeling trips! Snorkeling tickets are $40 for adults, children, and anyone coming along to watch.

Please note: Anyone 12 and under is considered a child.


Get ready for a huge adrenaline rush as you dash across the waves of the Laguna Madre in one of our state-of-the-art jet skis! Renting a jet ski has never been easier with the professionals at Breakaway Cruises.

As you depart from our Marina on South Padre Island, you’ll be able to explore the designated jet skiing zones. Rent a jet ski with Breakaway Cruises and set off on an exciting, high-speed journey across the gorgeous Laguna Madre. Jet Ski Rentals are $95 for the driver with an additional $30 for the passenger.


Witness some of nature’s most intelligent and playful creatures up close and personal with our exciting dolphin watch charters! One of the few mammals to call the ocean their home, dolphins are amazing and fascinating animals, and our dolphin watches serve to highlight this!

Experience dolphin watching trips in South Padre Island like no other as we observe the unique dolphin tribe that lives in the Laguna Madre. See dolphins old and young leap over the waves, play with one another, and maybe even say hello. Our 10 AM watch is only $20 for adults and children of all ages, and all other dolphin watch tour times are $23.


Set sail for a grand adventure across the gorgeous Laguna Madre with Breakaway Cruises Port of Brownsville tour! Enjoy an Authentic Cajun Shrimp Boil with succulent shrimp, andouille sausage, buttery corn, and potatoes with assorted fresh fruit and garlic bread.

While you eat, hear more about the Port of Brownsville and Port Isabel’s abundant wildlife and rich history from our knowledgeable guides. Our boat tours are without a doubt one of South Padre Island’s most memorable experiences! Port of Brownsville Tour tickets are $55 for a single adult, $100 for couples, and children’s tickets are $45.


For anglers all across the country, deep sea fishing trips off the coast of South Padre Island offer the chance to hook some of the largest and most impressive trophy fish in the world!

South Padre Island offshore fishing charters can’t be beat when you go with Breakaway Cruises. We give you the opportunity to take on the challenge of a lifetime as many potential creatures lurking beneath the waves like red snapper, kingfish, dorado, shark, and more swiftly snatch your hook. Join us on one of our U.S. Coast Guard certified deep sea fishing boats where tickets are $125 for adult anglers, and $55 for kids and those looking to watch.


All aboard for a bay fishing experience like no other in SPI with Breakaway Cruises! We’ll travel to the middle of the Laguna Madre and give anglers the chance to do some serious fishing.

Our fishing trips not only boast the most up-to-date watercraft but highly knowledgeable staff as well. Unlike other Texas fishing charters, Breakaway Cruises offers the unique combination of beautiful sights and a diverse range of fish to catch. Watch out for appearances from whiting, sheepshead, different types of trout, and many more! Tickets for our Bay Fishing Trips are $30 for adults and any observers and cost $25 for children.


At Breakaway Cruises, we offer a range of private boat charters for a variety of purposes. Whether it be a personal wedding party with friends and family or corporate managers arranging a business event, we give people only the best when it comes to private boat tours.

With years of experience running these private charters, we are professionals at hosting the best exclusive events as you cruise along the South Padre Island coastline. Make sure your next celebration or ceremony is one to remember as we cater to every need!


Are you ready for the most brilliant and colorful light show you’ve ever seen? Then book a seat on one of our amazing fireworks cruises. This is a fireworks show unlike any other, and you’ll never forget the beautiful colors sparkling above the gorgeous Laguna Madre.

With delicious food provided, we cater to families and people looking to relax and see a fantastic fireworks show. Enjoy seeing dolphins, the sunset, and a fireworks display all-in-one only with Breakaway Cruises. This is truly one of those shows that can’t be missed as the dazzling colors shine with the stars above the bay. Like our Port of Brownsville Tour, Fireworks Cruise tickets cost $55 for a single adult, $100 for couples, and $45 for each child.


We Offer The Top Things To Do In South Padre Island

The answer is simple: only Breakaway Cruises offers such a variety of exciting and unique activities. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and years of experience in operation, we aim to always provide you and your family with the experience of a lifetime whether that be on one of our cruises, fishing trips, snorkeling excursions, or if you rent a jet ski!

The Laguna Madre is our area of expertise, and we want to share its wonders with you. It’s never been a better time to make South Padre Island you and your family’s next vacation spot!