Lure For Saltwater Fishing

What Lures do I use For Saltwater Fishing?

Saltwater fishing lures come in many different styles and sizes. Perhaps the easiest to work with of them all are the spoons fishing lures. This is the ideal lure for a beginner. The best part about using spoons is that they are relatively pocket- friendly. After gaining confidence with the spoons, it is possible to get familiar with other types of lures including plugs (both the saltwater lures and the sinking plugs), surface lures, as well as floating drivers and suspended saltwater lures.

In most cases lures used for saltwater fishing are made to either look like a fish that is almost dying or one that is swimming rather quickly. A good example is the spinners which are made to resemble the shiny scales of a delicious baitfish. They are designed in such a way that there is a blade that rotates on a spindle with every extension or shortening of the line. This makes it send uneven irregular reflections back into the water. The idea here is to make the lure look appetizing to the fish being targeted. The ultimate objective is to make the lure look like an irresistible prey for the target fish.

The choice of lure to be used should be tailor-made for the specific type of fish that is to be caught. A Mino Lure would for example be the best lure for anyone looking to catch a trout. Fishing for a mackerel would yield the best results if the lure was either a silver or gold spoon or a lure shaped like a diamond. For King mackerel fishermen however, a cedar plug is the best choice for a lure. A Millies Bucktail is the best for catching bonefish. There is great flexibility in when choosing lures for attracting bass as anything that looks like baitfish, such as a jerk bait saltwater lure can work, or anything with a popper of the jig.

Jigging is one of the most active fishing methods, requiring you to snap or pop the rod tip up quickly to move the lure vertically in the water column. When learning how to jig, you can try either jigging straight up and down as you drift, or casting the lure out and jig it back towards you horizontally while reeling.
Jigging is sometimes used during our Deep Sea Fishing Excursions and Bay Fishing Trips in South Padre Island.

There is a need for any serious fisherman to ensure that he or she gets the right lure in order to make the most out of the fishing trip. There are a number of sources from which additional information on this topic can be obtained. Of course, the internet is top among these sources as well as local libraries. Seeking advice from established fishermen is also a good idea.

Factors such as the date and time when fishing is to be done, the venue for fishing, the climatic season during which the fishing will be done, and even the type of fish to be caught should all be put into consideration. With increased expertise, it is likely that the fisherman will develop his or her own preferences with regards to the best saltwater lures to use. Such preferences can then be passed down as great advice for upcoming fishermen!

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